Spiritual and energetic support as a leader and change maker.

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Your portal to vibrational expansion.

What if I told you that you could make quick energetic adjustments to drop into your highest level of growth, success, and impact?

Being the Medicine

You have
big dreams.

  • You envision a life for yourself that is high-calibre and purposeful. You know that mindset can only get you so far and that making a vibrational shift is the next stage in your evolution.
  • Your biggest challenge is breaking through invisible barriers on your own. You’ve probably gone through business or mindset coaching before, and although it was helpful, you’re searching for something deeper.
  • You desire to embody an energy that is so powerful it is able to thrive in times of stress and uncertainty. You’re done with letting your internal story and external pressure stop you from shining your brightest.

I see you, and that’s why I created Being The Medicine.

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Your new secret power


How would it feel like to drop into a timeline just waiting for you…one that your soul deeply desires, not out of ego, out of purpose.

It may seem like some dreamy ideal, but it’s is fully available to you when you become the energetic match for your vision.

With the deep inner guidance, you can make energetic shifts to gain momentum and transform more quickly.

We work together to reveal what is holding you back and rework your energetic blueprint to expand and awaken deeper levels of consciousness, and this is where the real magic happens!

Mindset work only take you so far. The truth is that no one shares your exact vision or your past. You are 100% unique. I use tools from energy medicine to clear the path for your soul’s expansion so that you can grow with ease and flow and continue to live your life’s purpose everyday. It’s only through tapping into your higher self intuition and deep innate wisdom you can step into your full power.

That’s why it’s so incredibly liberating!



experience deep nourishment as you step into the next phase of growth and opportunity.

During each session, we connect with your highest self, your innate wisdom, to receive support, invaluable insights, and guidance specific to you.

You will experience immediate energetic shifts and working this way over a long period will ensure you really experience consistent embodiment of your fullest potential.

Instead of taking years to evolve, we collapse that down into months so you can get momentum and expand your impact.

Meet your mentor

Hey there, I‘m Therese

As an intuitive healer, mentor, and business energetics coach, I use intuition and energy healing to help you navigate your life and business. We work together to achieve significant long-lasting results in your energy and business.

I've worked as a medical intuitive and an international healer for over 15 years. My expertise is exploring the unseen and tuning into the deepest parts of my client's bodies and minds.

My gift is my ability to go beyond what is conscious and see the root cause of any issue.

With these deep insights, I can unlock the hidden story and facilitate instant deep transformations with my clients in every session.


I Wish I Listened to my inner guidance sooner

I spent my life separating my spiritual and energetic practices from my work. Instead of following my own intuition, I took advice from others who I thought knew more about life than I did.

I thought I had to choose between spirituality and success. 

So, I had to unlearn my deep story that associated success with sacrifice and struggle.

And I did.

I shifted my consciousness to see that my real purpose was to work with energy and intuition in supporting and empowering SOUL led leaders and change makers.

Now, I serve clients that resonate with living from their purpose. The world needs your magic as we as a collective raise the vibration.

I serve those ready to make BIG paradigm shifts.

Welcome Leader

This container is for you if:

  • If you fundamentally understand that energetics are the basis of your success and you craves I an intimate container to support you in your expansion.
  • If you’re a conscious leader who wants to create impactful change.
  • If you crave an experience that is above and beyond the material realm. A personal homecoming.

What my clients are saying

“I nearly died… No really, I was hit by a truck, broke most of my body, and left stuck in a wheelchair. Thank god Therese was available to help me heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. She’s truly an extremely gifted high level practitioner. I’ve been working with her for 18 months now and I’m so happy to say I’m not only walking today but thriving and being active like I was before the accident. Her gifts don’t just cover healing the body, but also unlocking energetic blockages to benefit relationships, business, trauma, and mental health. She’s a gem, I can’t sing her praises enough!”

Aren Singh Bahia - Coach & Entrepreneur
Being The Medicine 1:1 Coaching

“Therese is a gifted coach, bringing together expertise in clearing both the body and mind for deep change. Her intuition is uncanny, often highlighting issues I'm unaware of myself! I love how Therese blends deep empathy with pretty direct talk, getting to the heart of matters quickly and accurately. As I've had to push myself to step up as a leader in my business, I've trusted Therese to support me. We've worked together for over 8 years, and I've regularly sent both friends and clients of my own to Therese. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Emma Murphy MIACP
Founder & CEO Eating Freely Ltd.

As we expanded the work, she helped me with my practice. I work as a business mentor and a life coach to entrepreneurs. Therese has helped me feel so much more grounded, so much more centred and confident in my approach with them. I can't quite do her justice in terms of giving away the magic of how she does it, but all I know is the frequency at which I've been able to create those kinds of transformations with my clients has increased quite dramatically as a result of working with Therese. So, for me, it's a real joy to highly endorse her, and recommend her, and encourage you that if you were considering working with her,  jump and go for it.”

Jamie White, Life Coach & Business Mentor
Being the Medicine 1:1 Coaching

"I have taught many classes all over the worked and worked with thousands of practitioners. I honestly have to say that Therese is one of the best and most effective coaches that I have ever seen. She is truly an intuitive healer who gets great results every time.” 

Lynn Teachworth
Founder of TRUNAMICS, Sports injury specialist, USA

Join me in Being The Medicine, and you will:


Propel forward into the highest, most aligned version of yourself, so you can tap into high-level growth and opportunity.


Dissolve invisible blocks and propel forward toward your dream life and vision for your future.


Experience deep, transformative healing that frees you from pain and trauma from the past and present.


Uncover a sense of self-empowerment and confidence, unlike anything you’ve experienced before.


Embrace a version of you that embodies a level of leadership that leaves a legacy and changes lives.


This is an intimate container of support. In each month of this program, you receive:

  • 3 x 90 minutes 1-on-1 calls for deep energetic realignment
  • Access to my personal transformation process exclusive to my 1:1 clients
  • Voxer chat support when you are between live sessions

Energetic Support at the most intimate and highest level.

Investment €5,000 for 3 months

We will work together for 3-6 months to establish long-lasting results.

I will be there every step of the way.

And I support you 100% through the process.

one more thing..

You get complimentary access to my monthly group energy medicine session, Soul Sessions Reset


Soul Sessions Reset is the transformational vessel for energetic downloads

One of my most popular masterclasses.

In this 2 hour potent Masterclass and Activation you will reclaim your intuitive superpowers and clear what is holding you back from embodying your magic and sharing it with the world.

asked questions:

I’ve tried other energy work before. How do I know this is for me?

You’ve found your way here for a reason: Your soul craves a liberating energetic experience. What makes this program unlike any other is that it is highly individual. This work is consciousness work. Instead of pulling your energy into a specific process, your energy leads the way. You’re the leader, and it makes sense that your intuition knows your unique pathway to fulfilment. If deep levels of healing and transformation appeal to you, this is definitely for you.

Who is this program NOT right for? (I want to make sure I’m a fit!)

This program is NOT for someone who is strictly focused on surface-level strategy. Although these systems are valuable, they are not the focus of my work which is spiritual, energetic, and soulful in nature. All of my programs require a desire for a shift below the surface and a high level of self-awareness.

I’m looking for a quick transformation as I’m eager to call in my highest level of success. Will this program provide me with fast results?

It’s incredible that you are so motivated and ready for change! That is exactly what is needed for exponential personal growth. This program is designed to help you make quick shifts regularly so that you can see rapid progress. However, the fundamental transformation occurs when our small energetic shifts add up over a longer period of 6-12 months. This is required to ensure that your energetic transformation can withstand any storm and will provide long-lasting results.

You mention you will help heal invisible blockages. What if I don’t know what mine are? How can we heal them if I don’t know what’s getting in my way?

That’s an excellent question! Part of the work we will do together is uncovering your blockages. It’s okay if you’re unaware of them at this time. My methodologies are designed to bring in new revelations, insights, and perspectives. Discovery is part of the process.

I tune into my clients and tell them what block is causing what. For example, I just know that when they were six years old their mother went to hospital and they took on the role of taking care of everyone etc. I see the exact trauma or memory like a movie. They don't have to be aware of themselves like in therapy. I just tell them there and then where this block is coming from and we release the energetic charge. They experience a quantum shift instantly.


Are you ready

To create profound energetic shifts for soul aligned transformation and impact?