The Shadow work of your Business is ready to bet healed

November 17th -21st, 2023


Where business school meets mystery school

A transformative retreat for conscious leaders who are ready to do the inner work and are craving powerful alignment.


You are ready

This is an invitation.
A portal for transformation.

It’s time to get intimate with the energetic shadow side of your life and business.

This is a very intentional unraveling, pausing, deep reflection. This is the space to come and completely rewire your personal energy to align with the vision you have for your life and career.

It’s time release the patterns of overwhelm, burnout, too many spinning plates..

It’s time to let go of shame for wanting more, for having a bigger dream.

It’s time to honour that calling you have to lead others and make an impact.

But you need to do the work first.

This is the magic no business coach is teaching you.

You are a multidimensional being and you need to heal on many levels at once to make the real quantum shifts.

Through shamanic & cutting edge advanced energy medicine practices you will connect with the infinite potential that is waiting to be uncovered within you.

It’s not just about healing your ability to hold more wealth and success – it’s about healing your karma, your entire ancestral relationship to money and abundance.

On this retreat you will become crystal clear on who you are and what you want. It is about knowing your truth and feeling empowered to share it.

Once you do this level of healing, you shift from chasing to receiving, from hustle to flow.

You also know you have the power to heal. 

I want you to know that this retreat is that portal you have been waiting for. 

It's your time


It's an inner calling..

  • You have been craving healing and transformation at a deeper level and you don’t want to wait any longer.
  • You know you want you life and work to be different but there is something stopping you from liberating yourself and owning your power. 
  • You see leaders of tomorrow are more conscious, more aware, more connected and you see yourself as apart of this new paradigm.
  • You are ready to fully embody your mission, your vision, your dream, your goals and you are ready to elevate your consciousness to get you there.
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The Retreat

Your fullest potential is waiting to be unleashed.

  • Experience the power of the opening fire ceremony on the first night, where we will clear the path to any blocks obstructing the flow of transformation you wish to experience. In this space you will set intentions for your retreat experience and beyond and clear the path for these intentions to become a reality.
  • Heal you identity matrix: your current identity, what’s hold you back because of who you believe you are, who your family were, breaking old patterns and behaviours from your ancestry.
  • Dive into the deep healing of your primary masculine matrix, the energy that you channel to support the structure and expansion of your business.
  • Healing your feminine manifestation wounds: competitiveness, blocks around building community, building and nurturing deeper connection with others, big picture, visionary thinking – this is the part of ourselves that allows us to build businesses that feel good.
  • Abundance matrix activation: the whole relationship you have with money, your inherited trauma around money, connecting with the energetic vibration of holding more money, healing your beliefs around wealth.

Every challenge is an opportunity to awaken the deeper parts of yourself and elevate your business.

Hey there!

I‘m Therese

Intuition Mentor and Business Energetics Coach, Intuitive Healer, and creator of ‘The INNER Temple’, my signature tool designed to help you connect with your inner mystic self.

I've worked as a medical intuitive and an international healer for over 15 years. My expertise is exploring the unseen and tuning into the deepest parts of my client's bodies and minds.

My gift is my ability to go beyond what is conscious and see the real reason why my clients are blocked for their desires and goals.  With these deep insights, I can unlock the hidden story and facilitate instant deep transformations in every session.

My own quest for truth has led me to immerse myself in the realms of ancient magic healing traditions while also mastering cutting edge quantum energy medicine.  My life's work has been dedicated to the pursuit of truth and inner freedom and my mission is to support others in realising their highest vision and purpose.

About the venue

This is a highly frequency healing space where you will feel the energy of the 5   elements supporting you in your transformation. 

Overlooking the holy Balian river and  its sacred waters, this small resort gives the ultimate experience of barefoot luxury. 

There are both private deluxe room and twin suites available for your retreat. 

The organic food is garden to table and every detail is designed to hold you in a space for deep transformation.

Are you ready to join me here?

Welcome to peace

What's included?

  • Deeply nourishing healing experience, 5 days/4nights, (17th -21st November) in the beautiful Yama retreat centre
  • 5 day business energetics & healing immersion
  • All meals are included, breakfast lunch and dinner from organic fresh farm to table food preparation
  • Opening Fire Ceremony & blessing by Balinese priest.
  • 60 minute online one to one with Therese before the retreat.
  • Daily energy activations and group healing sessions.
  • Pool time and opportunities to integrate deeply.

Choose Your Room

Deluxe Bungalow

  • Beautiful River Views
  • Private deluxe room for one person.
  • Single occupancy

Suite Bungalow

€1,800 per person sharing
  • Suitable for two friends sharing.
  • A large spacious twin room with Balian River view.
  • Sleeps 2

You are a powerful creator and your energetic frequency is the key to creating the life and business you desire.