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I’m an Intuitive Healer,
Intuitive Mentor and Business Energetics Coach

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I am passionate about bringing intuition and energetics into everyday life and business.


How my journey began

After spending many years travelling the world studying cutting-edge energy medicine and ancient wisdom, I met my husband, and now I have two young boys. The experience of becoming a mother very quickly shifted how I wanted to work and live. As a Yoga teacher and Healer, I wanted to run a business that was connected to the spiritual wisdom I had developed. I knew I wanted to create a sustainable business that was nurturing and impactful and also allowed me more time with my kids.

My approach is a unique deep dive into healing and facilitating profound client transformations informed by Chinese energetic medicine, non-dual Vedanta philosophy, yogic wisdom, and quantum physics.

After years of working intimately with my client’s personal energy, I have come to know that every event we experience in life is an invitation to shift into another level of being in the world.

Every challenge is an opportunity to awaken the deeper parts of ourselves. Business growth is personal growth. I feel so lucky to be in a place where I help my clients to shift their paradigm and see themselves as energetic creators of their own life.

I've worked as a medical intuitive and an international healer for over 15 years. My expertise is exploring the unseen and tuning into the deepest parts of my client's bodies and minds.

Now I work with conscious humans, entrepreneurs and leaders to help them deeply heal, reconnect with their intuition and bring their gifts to the world.

My approach is a unique deep dive into healing and facilitating profound client transformations informed by Chinese energetic medicine, non-dual Vedanta philosophy, yogic wisdom, and quantum physics.

My gift is my ability to go beyond what is conscious and see the root cause of any issue or block.

These deep insights allow me to facilitate my clients' fastest and most profound shifts in every session.

What my clients are saying

“I started working with Therese only a couple of months ago and it's already made such a difference. Her way of working isn't just extremely skilled, it's also very replenishing, inspiring and takes you in your entirety, gives you the exact tools and support you need at each moment and you finish each session feeling not just more in sovereignty when it comes to your business, but also more insightful and self-aware. I'll be forever grateful to have crossed paths with Therese and being able to have her as a guide in my journey to connect with my intuition.”

Isabel, Portugal
Intuitive Leader 1:1 Coaching

“I nearly died… No really, I was hit by a truck, broke most of my body, and left stuck in a wheelchair. Thank god Therese was available to help me heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. She’s truly an extremely gifted high level practitioner. I’ve been working with her for 18 months now and I’m so happy to say I’m not only walking today but thriving and being active like I was before the accident. Her gifts don’t just cover healing the body, but also unlocking energetic blockages to benefit relationships, business, trauma, and mental health. She’s a gem, I can’t sing her praises enough!”

Aren Singh Bahia - Coach & Entrepreneur
Being The Medicine 1:1 Coaching

"Therese arrived at the right time in my life to literally shift my world. The work I did with her to access my intuition at a deeper level, and shift my energy field, has been profound. My current reality and future is much more aligned and expansive than what I would have ever imagined. If you have the possibility to work with Therese, don’t even think twice, your life will shift in unimaginable ways! Thank you, Therese ❤️”

Jasmine Danino, Owner + Visionary, Radiantly Alive Yoga, Ubud Bali
Intuitive Leader Business Energetics 1:1 Coaching

“Therese is a gifted coach, bringing together expertise in clearing both the body and mind for deep change. Her intuition is uncanny, often highlighting issues I'm unaware of myself! I love how Therese blends deep empathy with pretty direct talk, getting to the heart of matters quickly and accurately. As I've had to push myself to step up as a leader in my business, I've trusted Therese to support me. We've worked together for over 8 years, and I've regularly sent both friends and clients of my own to Therese. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Emma Murphy MIACP
Founder & CEO Eating Freely Ltd.

As we expanded the work, she helped me with my practice. I work as a business mentor and a life coach to entrepreneurs. Therese has helped me feel so much more grounded, so much more centred and confident in my approach with them. I can't quite do her justice in terms of giving away the magic of how she does it, but all I know is the frequency at which I've been able to create those kinds of transformations with my clients has increased quite dramatically as a result of working with Therese. So, for me, it's a real joy to highly endorse her, and recommend her, and encourage you that if you were considering working with her,  jump and go for it.”

Jamie White, Life Coach & Business Mentor
Being the Medicine 1:1 Coaching

“Thank you so much for the brilliant Session to repair the Deep Feminine Matrix - it was MAGNIFICENT!

Such subtlety and power - I was deeply impressed by the professional and simultaneously profoundly spiritual presence of your facilitation and certainly attest to the very tangible impact on every dimension of my being and the wider field of my own resonance in my family and friends and work communities! Thank you Therese!!”

Uma Dinsmore Tuli, PhD, writer, visionary, radical yogini
Group Programs

"I have taught many classes all over the worked and worked with thousands of practitioners. I honestly have to say that Therese is one of the best and most effective coach that I have ever seen. She is truly an intuitive healer who gets great results every time.” 

Lynn Teachworth
Founder of TRUNAMICS, Sports injury specialist, USA

“Having been stuck at home over the recent  COVID-19 lockdown, trying to juggle family, business and homeschooling,  it seemed like all the life's pressures suddenly multiplied and I  started to feel drained physically, emotionally and energetically. I felt really heavy, stressed and triggered by the smallest things, so  session with Therese was exactly the type of  energetic reboot my body, mind and soul needed. Throughout the session, Therese started peeling the individual layers and guided me through deep breathing exercises, visualisation and self-acupressure techniques, getting to the root of my pain and frustration. She made me feel very comfortable, safe and supported, I didn't even want the session to end as the shift in my energy was immediate. I felt lighter, grounded and joyful over the days to come as the healing started to integrate so I  couldn't be more grateful to Therese for her healing powers and magic!”


“I went to Therese for help with my persistent neck and shoulder pain. This had been ongoing for years. I had tried many options to deal with it, but I essentially gave up and decided I would just have to live with it. One session with Therese and it is vastly improved, and that is a permanent difference. Therese was able to get straight to the root of the issue. She traced the problem to the emotional body, inherent belief systems and early childhood experiences, all within one session. I work in healing modalities myself and have a wide range of experience. Therese’s work blew me away. She brings a wisdom and sensitivity to the body that is very powerful. I can’t recommend her enough.“

David N

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