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Soul Wisdom Path

Trust your inner wisdom and reclaim your intuitive power.

When you take action based on your soul’s inner knowing rather than what you think you “should” do, harmony and ease enter your life. Your soul is meant to take a specific divine path. Trust it because it already knows the way.

When you heal your traumas and tune into your highest vision for yourself, you align with your soul's goals and fully live your purpose. Quantum manifesting is connecting with your purpose first and creating the steps needed second. This process helps you release what is unaligned with your life path.

You might be thinking, some things you just can’t heal from... now see how limiting that is? You’re already uncovering a block: the belief that you can’t heal. I’m here to tell you that, YES, you absolutely can!

You are WAY more powerful than you even realise.

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Soul Sessions Energy Reset

Experience a live GROUP Energy Medicine Session

Soul Sessions is a live energy medicine session that happened once per month.

These sessions are an opportunity for you to connect deeply with what’s going on with you under the surface, to anchor your intuition and receive potent downloads for growth and healing and clear unconscious blocks that may be holding you back.

Each session is live and unique for the group that comes together.

When we gather together for a common purpose and intension, we create and energetic group matrix which is a powerful vehicle for transformation. Witnessing others heal and shift help us heal and shift that aspect within ourselves and this is the sacred space to do that inner work.

It’s the perfect opportunity to:

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    Take some time to connect with yourself

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    Balance your energy

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    Reset your nervous system

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    Clear the block that are holding you back

Anchor your Intuition and receive potent downloads unique to you.

Being a part of the group matrix is a powerful vehicle for transformation. Clients often say that the session was “just for them” because it was exactly what they felt at that moment.

Anyone can join these sessions, and everyone is welcome. These sessions are live on Zoom and if you can’t attend you will receive the recording within 24 hours.

If you are not in a time zone to attend live, the recording is just as potent. Listening to the recording is just like attending live as the session will active in your body when you hear it.

Investment: €25


What my clients are saying

"An hour with Therese is always magical and you will notice big shifts energetically and physically afterward. I always feel like I am having a session just for me and my needs rather than a collective because of what she picks up on. It is always so attuned to what is happening for me mentally, physically and spiritually that I find it hard to believe it could be as relevant to anyone else, but it is!  

Also It is like they always come along at just the right moment, a sort of mini service to get through the month and point me in the right direction especially when things begin to feel overwhelming or confusing. I am so grateful for all that Therese does, her guidance and her wisdom.”

Niamh Kelleher, Healer and Cacao Ceremony Facilitator, Ireland
Soul Sessions Membership

Thank you so much for the brilliant Session to repair the Deep Feminine Matrix - it was MAGNIFICENT!

Such subtlety and power - I was deeply impressed by the professional and simultaneously profoundly spiritual presence of your facilitation and certainly attest to the very tangible impact on every dimension of my being and the wider field of my own resonance in my family and friends and work communities! Thank you Therese!!”

Uma Dinsmore Tuli PhD, writer, visionary, radical yogini

If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them.

John Doe

Just getting started?

Here’s a few things to help:


Anchoring Intuition free Masterclass

Access this  FREE Masterclass and learn what your intuition is and isn’t, understand about your 5 psychic senses and how to connect to your inner internet. Also get access to practical tools to get you more in the zone for your intuition to flow.

Investment: FREE


Healing Your Witch Wound

In this Masterclass you will get an opportunity to identify and heal your primary witch wound. This practice allows you to be more comfortable with acting as a clear vessel for your intuition.

Investment: €55

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Activate Your 5 Subtle Senses

This gentle and subtle practice is for you to re-activate your five senses to turn up the volume on your intuition. You get to drop into a deeper state of awareness and let your imagination guide you.

Investment: FREE